"Katoi" was an old warehouse which dates back over 100 years. It is an area of 60 sq.m. and can only accommodate 2 people. It is built on a rock which is visible on the floor and the walls. Entering you will see a corridor that has a sofa to rest and leads to a fully equipped kitchen with dishes, glasses, pots, cutlery, fridge and a dishwasher and a kitchen table made of the old “volosyro”. People of the village used the volosyro many years ago to crush the wheat or barley in the threshing floor and it was pulled by a horse or an ox. Beside it, is the fireplace, which is built into the rock, and the 42' satellite TV.

At the background there is a vestibule/ lobby that leads to the bedroom which has an old iron semi-double bed, just like those used many years ago by the people of the village, a wardrobe and air condition. Finally it has a WC with a steam cabin - shower.

All rooms have radiator and WiFi - internet.

This apartment is decorated with various objects used by the people of the village many years ago for their daily needs, such as earthenware jars to store oil, vinegar or “syglina” (pieces of meat, usually pork, cooked and stored in its own fat), a sieve for flour, a “volista” for peas, “thrinaki” for wheat, a shovel for baking bread, a washing device for clothes, oil lamps for light, etc

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Our Address

T.K. 740.53, CRETE
(+30) 697 005 9020

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