"Fabrica" was an old stone olive press which dates back over 100 years. It is an area of 100 sq.m. and can comfortably accommodate 6-7 people. Entering the ground floor, you will find yourself in a large dining room, which features a fireplace, a 42 ' satellite TV and a living room with a sofa for relaxation or sleep. Next to it is a fully equipped kitchen with dishes, glasses, pots, cutlery, fridge, with the ability of a banquet preparation. At the back, there is a bedroom with two single beds and wardrobe and beside it there is a WC with a bathtub and a washing machine.

Through an iron round staircase we ascend to the attic where on the one side there is a bedroom with a double bed, and on the other side, a bedroom with two single beds. These two bedrooms share a WC with a shower.

All rooms have radiators and WiFi - internet, while all bedrooms in the attic have a closet and air condition. This apartment is decorated with various objects used many years ago by the people of the village for their daily needs, such as carpet weaving tambours, plows for plowing fields, baskets for grape transport, rocks for olive crushing, oil lamps etc.

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Our Address

T.K. 740.53, CRETE
(+30) 697 005 9020

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