Name – History

During the Venetian rule/ domination (1212-1669) wealthy Venetians lived in the village , all of whom became Turks after the revolution of Daskalogiannis in 1770, and turned into the most fanatical persecutors of Christians. One of them «Janissary Arapis»,notorious for his crimes, returned to Turkey after 1898. The Atsipadiani Turks became the most brutal and bloodthirsty and were said to be the most shameless (had not «tsipa») for what they did. So the village was named Atsipades. (meaning with no shame, from the greek word “tsipa”)

Byzantine Churches

With few frescoes and completely deserted, the church of Saint George is maintained in "Manouselis metohi" of Atsipades. Likewise stand the church of Saint Irene (commemorated on May 5th) in position "Prinomouri", Saint Marina (July 17th ) in position "Niatsido" and Transfiguration of Jesus (August 6th) in position "Lepres".

Former Cathedral of the village was the church of Saint Paraskevi (July 27th) - the small Saint Paraskevi, as it is called- to distinguish it from the current Cathedral of Saint Paraskevi, built in the year 1950.

Other churches of the village are those of Saint Vasilios (on January 1st) and Holy Trinity (Pentecost) and of Saint George (April 23th), built in the 16th- 17th century.

At the top of Mount Kouroupa is a modern temple of the Holy Spirit (on Pentecost Monday), built to replace the old temple, located a few meters farther, partially ruined. The biggest village feast happens there.

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